Alchemy Healing

Repair your relationship with the divine masculine

You can't quite put your finger on it but there is something holding you back financially.

You have done so much inner work already, consciously raising your vibration by changing your old mindset and beliefs. Releasing conditioning and trauma, but you have hit a limit that you just can't get past leaving you feeling frustrated and disheartened. 

Female survivor's of domestic abuse create protective barriers to masculine energy which has been encoded in your cellular memory. It is now safe for you to release these. 

Are you ready to transmute the following?

Past condtiioning held in your DNA 

Limiting beliefs locked in your cellular memory 

Blocks to masculine energy which includes money

Alchemy Healing will help you to release blocks to masculine energy, change negative programming and release past experiences that have been encoded into your cellular memory, activate your 12 chakra system and harmonise the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within, raise your vibration, achieve alignment, live in sovereignty, and be open to receiving money with ease.

This is for you if:

  • You are struggling to manifest the things you want
  • You are lacking financial abundance
  • You feel out of alignment

You have blocks to masculine energy which is showing up as financial lack

What you receive during the healing:

Psychic protection

12 chakra system activation

Miracle Healing Technique

Cord Cutting

Rebalancing of feminine/masculine energies

Alchemy Healing Session

Transmute and transcend your blocks.

Become the alchemist of your life, free from resistance, free from past experiences and free from limitations.

Be all that you came here to be, fearlessly!

Step into your power to co-create and recieve with ease.

Live a life of abundance in alignment with your soul. 

Set yourself free from limitations!