Welcome to The Alchemy Enchantress

Welcome home wise woman!

Walk with me into a new realm of wholeness.

You are the one in your lineage where the patterns of self-doubt, victimhood and separation from your divine power, stop.

By releasing the wounds of your ancestors and finding new ways of being, you will stop giving your power away, bringing an end to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, drained, insecure and constantly doubting yourself.

Becoming clear on who you really are and what is right for you.

Most importantly, trusting yourself so you not only believe in yourself but completely love yourself too.

I help female survivors of narcissistic abuse going through their spiritual awakening to heal the echoes of past abuse and craft their own path as a powerful creatrix.

As a female survivor of narcissistic abuse I have a deep desire to support other women, especially single mums like myself, to step into their power as their authentic soul self by uncovering their innate gifts and abilities, developing a deep beilief in themselves, and setting firm healthy boundaries in the physical and non-physical realms. 

Warrior mums! Together we co-create a paradign shift to bring in a more loving and abundant world for our children to grow up in. 

What is a Warrior Mum?

A Warrior Mum is a female survivor of domestic abuse who has skilfully balanced being a negotiator, defender, and protector, as well as a mother, creator, and nurturer whilst in the grasp of a narcissist. Now free from his grip, this solo mama is walking her spiritual awakening path and become an empowered creatrix!

Warrior Mum

The Alchemy Enchantress Spiritual Healings

Ascension Healing

Ascension Healing

A multidimensional recalibration of mind, body and soul


Alchemy Healing

Alchemy Healing

Uncreate, transmute and transcend your blocks to spiritual growth and money


Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Relax, release and rejuvenate your mind, body and energy system


Emerald Ascension Healing

Emerald Ascension Healing

Higher frequency healing with Ascended Masters and the Emerald Flame


Matrix Unplugging

Matrix Unplugging

Unplug from the false light matrix to live in full sovereignty (6 months intergration)


"When women support each other, incredible things happen"

"I had a Matrix Unplugging Session with Alyssa yesterday. She explained about the False Light False Ascension Matrix, how it affects me and the purpose of the session. I really valued her explaining it to me in easy to understand words as this is a new way of looking at things for me. I valued Alyssa's open-hearted and non-judgemental support while i completed the self-assessment task. During the imbuement I experienced different sensations, including involuntary body movements and seeing colours as the energies shifted within me and then I fell asleep and woke up feeling very different, like a weight had been lifted. I look forward with anticipation to how things develop for me in the coming months. Thank you Alyssa for doing this important work."

Jo Cox

"I’ve been blessed to work 1-1 with Alyssa before and was excited to try out her golden psychic protection. It is honestly magical- The very first time I felt an immediate shift in energy, I felt lighter and felt quite emotional too, but in a very powerful way because I really felt like I had come ‘home’ to myself and was protected! It’s very beautiful and powerful- thank you so much!”

Victoria Thygesen

"I had tarot reading today with Alyssa on my fairly new romantic relationship. I was really impressed with her accuracy relating to the character of my partner when she has never met him. A very positive experience and I left with some good advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for some spiritual guidance from a warm approachable lady, thanks again Alyssa."

Holly Barnett

"I went to Alyssa for 1st degree attunemeant, not knowing what to expect. I came away having had a very profound experience. Alyssa was so lovely, took everything at my pace, explained everything so well and is so encouraging. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Alyssa for the Reiki."

Karen Gubbins