The Alchemist's Library

A portal to self-empowerment!

The Alchemist's Library is a collection of esoteric online courses for healing, psychic protection, and spiritual development.


These are especially for you if you are:

  • A female survivor of narcissistic abuse going through your spiritual awakening
  • You want to instil firm healthy boundaries within the physical and non-physical realms
  • You are struggling to ground and protect sufficiently with other methods
  • You are an empath feeling drained all the time 


I have gathered what I feel, from my own experience and struggles, is needed for a solid foundation of understanding to gain empowered spiritual growth and ascension by dividing more advanced higher frequency courses into manageable self-led healings. (What I wish I knew earlier on in my spiritual development journey!)


A portal to self-empowerment


Enter the portal to discover a unique collection Grimoires for multi-dimensional healing, empowerment, and alignment, by incorporating:

Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Law of Attraction/Quantum Creating, Matrix Unplugging, Bill of Rights, 15D Psychic Protection, and Energy Healing.

Chakra System Grimoires

7 Chakra System Grimoire £11


An in-depth online course on the 7 chakra system, created as a PDF printable in the style of a witch's grimoire. The 7 chakra system is the basis of all chakra systems forming a column of light along your spinal cord. Learn about each chakra and their relation to your health and well-being

12 Chakra System Grimoire £22


A self-led online course delving into the 12 chakra system in the format of a pdf printable. Discover the higher chakras and how to work with them to perform a self healing session along with the 7 main chakra system that forms the basis of all chakra systems. Working with the higher chakras improves your connection to source energy, increases your psychic abilities, and deepens your ability to communicate with spirit guides, and angels. It is important to activate your earth star chakra along with your higher chakras for sufficient grounding to hold the higher energies without causing headaches, spiritual highs and lows and burnout

Ascension Healing Chakra System £33


Discover my channelled 33 chakra system for high frequency healing in this unique online course. The Ascension Healing Chakra system consists of 22 chakras, incorporating the 7 and the 12 chakra systems. I channelled this particular charkra system during the period of  channeling my Emerald Ascension Healing Method working with Ascended Master Hilarian and Archangel Raphael. Activating this chakra system leads you into 7th dimensional energies where you can easily connect with universal energies to manifest instantly, and converse with intergalactic beings with ease


Creating a safe energetic space for magickal rituals and healings channeled from my Spirit Guides

Casting your Sacred Star Grimoire £22


Creating a higher frequency space to connect with Ascended Masters, Archangels, and beings from other dimensions

Psychic Purification Grimoire £33


Potent golden light of pure source consciousness psychic protection online self-led course from The Alchemist's Library. Improves psychic awareness, and brings about deeper grounding

House Clearing Grimoire £33


Clearing all elow vibrational nergies and entities from your home, car, office and any sacred space used for healing or psychic work

15D Auric Cleanse Grimoire £33


Cleanse through all levels of existence. Clearing low vibrational energy and entities from within each 15 dimensional layers of the Aura

Energetic Empowerment Quest Grimoire £99


4 grimoires in 1 quest for the ultimate psychic protection by cleansing and clearing you, your energy, your space, and any false guides

Spirit Guide Validation Grimoire £33


Remove imposter guides. These are false light entities posing as your Spirit Guides pretending to be of true source light 

Reiki Business Course

Empowered Entreprenuer Reiki Ignite Business Grimoire £33


Includes a business plan, Reiki information sheet, Reiki client form, Reiki after care advice sheet, and my Aligned Launch Grimoire marketing plan to help you launch and grow your Reiki business.

Conception to Birth Grimoire £33


Transform beliefs inherited from parents around relationships at this time

HART Process


Release long held beliefs the through Holistic And Rapid Transformation method

Emoitional Implant Removal Grimoire £33


On average about 90% of emotions are implants, not natural responses to situations

Miracle Healing Technique Grimoire £33


Heal through all levels of existence with a simple programmed incantation

Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery

Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery £222


This course is for you if you are ready to take responsibility for your:

  • Personal energy system
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Spiritual growth

Why Grimoires?


All courses are presented with a witchy vibe to help you awaken your inner wise woman.

Also, I love the oldy worldy look of Grimoires which raises my vibration as I create them, which in turn opens me up more as a channel for downlaoding the information contained within each Grimoire. 

Grimoires are also known as Book of Shadows, these are sacred books to the wise women called Wytches.

(Wytch is the older spellling for Witch that I feel more aligned with)