Reiki healing in Malvern or online

Relax in the beautiful energy of Reiki.

Drift into a deep state of relaxation. From this state your body is able to repair and renew itself. As the light of Reiki energy flows through you, every cell is activated to rejuvenate, your chakras are awakened and aligned and your energy field is cleansed.

A Reiki session is said to be equal to 4 hours of sleep, just imagine how good you feel if you were to have 4 hours of peaceful, undisturbed, deep sleep.

Reiki has a calming effect and boosts your immune system promoting better health and wellbeing.

I provide Reiki healing sessions from my home in Malvern. I am in easy reach of Worcester, Ledbury and Hereford. 

I provide a safe place for you to fully relax and heal. 

Once you have purchased your Reiki healing session look out for an email from me with my available dates. 

Full Reiki healing session £44 - An hour long deep healing session.