Reiki Second Degree

This is a complete training in Reiki Second Degree – Okuden (inner teachings)
Reiki 2 is the professional practitioner’s level.

Deepen your ability to channel Reiki
Learn new techniques
Learn how channel Reiki from a distance
Learn how to set up and run a Reiki Business

This is a professional level course to start your own Reiki practice.

What this course will give you;

The attunement to be able to remotely channel Reiki

The qualification that enables you to practice Reiki professionally

The knowledge to set up your Reiki business

During Reiki 2 you will learn;

What the Reiki symbols are & how to use them

How to channel Reiki remotely during a practical distance healing

How to provide a professional Reiki session

Different ways of channeling Reiki

How to ground & protect yourself and your client efficiently

Which organs the chakras relate to and their functions


The guidelines for professionally treating others.

The ethics of Reiki 

The codes of professional practice UK

What contraindications are relating to your Reiki business

How to start your Reiki Business

Bonus info

How to market your Reiki Business!

Ignite is an accumilation of my knowledge learned through numerous marketing masterminds that I have attended over the last five years with top online coaches!

Launch your spiritual business in an authentic way using attraction marketing.

No icky selling!!

I provide Reiki Second Degree in 3 parts:

1) Your Reiki Second Degree manual is sent to you via email as a PDF

2) The healing and attunement will take place on zoom video call with plenty of time to chat and ask questions

3) Your Reiki 2 certificate will be emailed to you


 (If you are local to Malvern we can arrange for an in person attunement session if you prefer)

Reiki level 2 provides you with a Reiki healing, the attunement and practical sessions.

You will receive a comprehensive manual, a certificate and ongoing support.

The Benefits of Reiki

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