Divine Alchemy Healing

Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Join me Morgen sister, answer the call you have felt deep within your soul.
It is time.
You are ready, even if you don’t fully feel ready, trust in your essence that is pushing you to step up into your power.
You have experienced much pain, fear and shame during your time here, but this does not define you.
Hear my call, it is the call of the divine feminine within. She is ready to rise.
You are ready to rise.
- Morgan Le Fay

In this time of transition, we call upon the Goddess Morgana for she is the goddess of transformation and power. She is a powerful healer and sorceress who walks the twilight, drawing the light into the dark.

Do you feel her call?
She is calling you to step into your divine feminine power.
You are being urged to heal on the deepest level. It is like peeling back the layers of your soul.

You may have already spent much time on healing, releasing and forgiving but you know you have more deep inner work to do.


Who is Morgen Le Fay?

A High Priestess of a sisterhood of nine healers in the enchanted isle of Avalon, Triple Goddess, Faery Queen and Dark Goddess. Morgana is also the sister of King Arthur.

She teaches you how to dance with the shadow to transform and claim your power. She is a Goddess of woman.

Hello, I am Charlotte Blackwood, Priestess of Morgan Le Fay, Healer and Witch.
I support women in healing the echoes of past abuse.
Working with the Morgen we delve deep into the energetic darkness of the pain, fear and shame that you have held on to for so long, drawing in the light and releasing you from these low vibrational emotions that are strangling the core of your being.
I hold space for you my sister, for I too have travelled this arduous journey, holding on to pain, fear and shame like some sort of suit of armour that instead of protecting me, only served to disempower me.
I have plunged into the dark night of the soul; I have acknowledged the raw emotions and I have released all that does not serve me.
I have healed and you can too.

My personal quest for healing

I have spent many moons performing releasing rituals and healing through different modalities.
Well, I had a lot to heal. A whole lifetime in-fact. I have experienced abuse in all its forms at different stages and in different areas of my life.
I have accepted responsibility where the responsibility was not mine to burden.
I have been shamed and owned shame.
I have given my power away and had my power forcefully taken from me.
I have sunk into a deep depression and not felt able to carry on.
I have lived and relived distressing situations, held tightly on to resentment and anger, forgiven when I should not be the one forgiving and been understanding when I should have set firm boundaries.
I spent many years keeping my eyes down, hoping not to be seen because I didn’t feel worthy of existing.
I spent my life living within tight limits because I didn’t believe I was enough, well I had many people telling me I wasn’t enough, who was I to argue?!
I have felt alone, so very alone.
I wish someone had understood me, listened to me, been a safe space for me.
So, this is exactly what I offer to you.
I am your safe space. If you need to be heard, I will listen with no judgment, only love and compassion. That thing you feel too ashamed to say aloud, you can tell me and together we will heal it, together we will release the shame associated with it and you will transform into a new powerful version of yourself, full of self-love, self-belief and confidence with a new spark of creativity for the future.
Own your present, authentic self and let go of your past with love and thanks for all it has taught you and for the amazing, empowered woman it has made you.

Through the archetypes of the triple Goddess we heal the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects of ourself.

Shedding childhood conditioning and healing our inner child. 

Releasing adult trauma, the mother wound and the effect of patriarchy on the Feminine. 

Calling in transformation and elder wisdom. 

Journey to Avalon

Let me take you on a journey through the veil to a mystical land called Avalon. Here you will receive healing from the Morgen, a sisterhood of nine priestesses led by High Priestess Morgan Le Fay.