Aged 24 I accompanied my friend to see a palm reader who told me I was a healer. She explained this was why my hands were so sweaty as I held them over her hands, but I wouldn’t do anything with it until later in life, and she was right.


I experienced much abuse through my life.

Mental, emotional, physical and financial abuse!

After a very traumatic number of years I discovered the Freedom Programme.

A recovery course for female survivors of domestic abuse.

This course opened my eyes to a whole new level of understanding myself.

I sought support in a confidence life coach.

The sessions with my life coach got me through this and I soon trained to become a life coach myself so that I could support other women like me.

I spent years taking every DA recovery course going from Pattern Changing to training to deliver the Freedom Programme in schools. I was a founding member of setting up two local support groups and chaired the meetings.

I also trained in EFT.

What I realised was I still had very low self-esteem. I didn’t believe I was lovable.

I needed to heal.

I remembered the palm reading, joined a psychic development circle and looked into healing.

I trained to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

That’s when everything changed!

As I strengthened my healing abilities and mastered my psychic abilities, I discovered other realms and beings.
I realised as a young child I entered these other dimensions to escape this reality. I was often referred to as being in my own little world, and I was.
I now bring together all my learnings to support other women with their personal healing and empower them to create their own successful healing business.
It is my soul purpose to help women to raise their vibration, bringing the divine feminine into alignment with the divine masculine to support earths ascension into the fifth dimension.

Our power lies within.

We are the Alchemist of our health, wealth and life!