Welcome to my Morgan Le Fay Mystery School

A sisterhood of empowered sorceresses conjuring a more loving and abundant realm for ourselves and our children.

Are you hearing the call of the Goddess?

Warrior Mum I welcome you! Together we walk the twilight with Morgan Le Fay and heal the echoes of past abuse.

Embrace your true authentic self and awaken your inner creatrix.

From the shadows you emerge in full glory as the empowered feminine you were destined to be.

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You are lovable.

You are beautiful. 

Dark Goddess Morgana is calling you to recover and reclaim your sacred feminine gifts.

Walking the twilight with the Dark Goddess of transformation. Healing from narcissistic abuse by dancing with the shadows of discomfort.

Morgan Le Fay is known by many names - Goddess Morgana, Faery Queen, Lady Morgana of Avalon, and she has many faces.

Morgan Le Fay is a Dark Goddess, High Priestess, Witch, Sourceress, Enchantress, Healer, Seer, Shape Shifter, Creatrix.

Having experienced unrequited love, abandonment, and narcissistic abuse she has much to teach us modern day women. 

The goddess of power and transformation has come forward at this time to help women realise their true potential. 

I have accepted all kinds of abuse in relationships and I have experienced narcistists in many forms throughout my life from partners to bosses to spiritual teachers and friends.

I didn't know I was worthy of respect, I didn't know I was worthy of love, I didn't know I was enough just being me.

Many moons after leaving my abusive relationship I still struggled with the echoes of abuse. The whispers of the bully holding me back, keeping me small, sacrificing my desires to stay "safe".

Struggling to trust, trying to control everything and being super independant gave me a misguided feeling of empowerment. 

Morgan Le Fay entrered my life to guide me on a journey of self discovery within the depths of darkeness. Deep within the shadows of discomfort I learned the art of trust, submission, and being fully open to recieve. She taught me that my pain is my power. It is the alchemical ingredient to transform into a new you. It tells us what our boundaries are.

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Realm of the Dark Goddess

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Realm of the Faery Queen

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Realm of the Wise Witch

"I end so that I may begin"