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Access pure source consciousness, be sovereign and free from the Matrix

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For more info on the Matrix check out my Matrix Unplugging page

What is included?

  • A self assessment
  • A Matrix Unplugging
  • Training on how to deliver a Matrix Unplugging session
  • A complete set of forms and guides to use with your clients
  • A certificate

Your Matrix Unplugging

The Matrix Unplugging Program begins with a 2 hour session.

We spend time on a zoom video call completing a self assessment in the true light of source.

Then we come off zoom for you to lay down and receive the unplugging healing session distantly so you can totally relax for at least an hour.

You will receive a PDF for the Golden Light Protection and MHT (Miracle Healing Technique) to use daily to help maintain your energy system and ease the releasing that will be happening.

We will remain connected and have a monthly check in with you for the next 6 months to support you through the integration period. 

This work is life changing!

It will free you up to open your channels to higher states of energy and consciousness and will up level your frequency.

With what is happening on the planet, it's an amazing time to choose Sovereignty and free yourself, and others.

If you combine the films, The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, and The Truman Show, you have a really good metaphoric definition of what the matrix is on Earth.

Matrix Unplugging Facilitator Program