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It is time to expand your awareness and step out of the false light, false ascension matrix/timeline to activate your full power beyond the projected holographic reality programming, and utilise your inherent potency to create a massive shift.

The False Light False Ascension Matrix/ Timeline is keeping you from the truth and stopping you from living in Sovereignty. It's time to live beyond the program, to free yourself on all levels - body, mind, soul, emotions and spirit, and choose alignment to the true living light, creating a world that benefits ALL.

Unplug and disconnect from deep programming, implants, seals, inversions, inserts, and release the false light matrix in order to be SOVEREIGN and FREE.

To fully unplug yourself from the matrix means that you are no longer being interfered with on an energetic level through mind, body and spirit. They are of the most detrimental types of devices that we have within our energy bodies and auric fields, they stop us from realizing our true multidimensional self.

By removing all of these energetic distortions, seals, implants and various other energetic devices you will be able to access more of your higher self which will allow you to hold these frequencies here in the physical.

The removal of these distortions releases the cap on your potential. You will begin to feel old  patterns, negative addictions, thought processes and drama dissolving from your life as a result.

Ultimately, you will receive a dramatic increase in clarity, awareness, psychic abilities due to the various seals and implants being removed from your bodies and auric fields and increased states of consciousness and much more.

The Matrix Unplugging Process


The Matrix Unplugging Program begins with a 2 hour session.

We spend time on a zoom video call completing a self assessment in the true light of source.

Then we come off zoom for you to lay down and receive the unplugging healing session distantly so you can totally relax for at least an hour.

You will receive a PDF for the Golden Light Protection and MHT (Miracle Healing Technique) to use daily to help maintain your energy system and ease the releasing that will be happening.

We will remain connected and have a monthly check in for the next 3 months to support you through the integration period. 

This work is life changing!

It will free you up to open your channels to higher states of energy and consciousness and will up level your frequency.

With what is happening on the planet, it's an amazing time to choose Sovereignty and Free yourself.

What is the Matrix?

The original matrix was created by Source Creator to experience what it’s like to be in the densest vibration of physicality as an individualized aspect of Source. Forgetting who you are was supposed to be a grand experiment but access to Source was always available.

The original matrix has been manipulated with an overlay matrix created by the Archons. The matrix overlay objective is to steer reality through human consciousness in order to use Earth as an energy source. This is because the Archons require the source energy of humans to exist.  

The overlay matrix is a false white light current which supresses consciousness and interrupts the ascension process, keeping us stuck in a cycle of reincarnation unable to return to source.

The matrix overlay or false light matrix is a holographic illusion that we think is reality, it’s a source of information which completely controls our perception, a control system facilitated through false belief systems which is steered by an artificial intelligence program (from Saturn and the moon).


  • The hidden agenda of religion is to program people to pray to a God outside of themselves for help. Many of the older religions rely on a fear of God so that one gives their power and prayers to something outside of themselves not realising God is inside of them.
  • The New Age agenda is also a part of the programming, catching people as they “wake up” and telling them not to focus on the dark. How will the light ever reach into the deepest crevices to illuminate who or what the hidden controllers are if you only focus on the light?!


The false light matrix utilizes the ego to entice us with all things related to the five senses. The five senses pick up waveform information. The human body is a vehicle for consciousness that allows you to take a ride in a computer driven hologram. The software for what you experience resides in your DNA, which is in our cells. Cells are made of energy, vibration, sound, geometry, and water. The controllers of the matrix can control through the hologram by changing the DNA matrix template for the human body. Every human is born into the DNA re-programming and then backed up with outside repetition and illusions.


  •  Education – early programming to be conforming slaves through false history and lies.
  • Media propaganda – television programming, newspapers, magazines, and movies and music.
  • Implants – etheric and physical implants and seals to cause energy blockages, imbalance and illness.


Most humans have no idea that they are as aspect of Source. They rely on their five senses to gauge what their reality and existence is. The false light matrix forces us live in servitude and fear, seemingly separate from one another and our Creator.

This false white light interrupts the connection into the higher spiritual realms and blocks access to the pure Christos Sophia Consciousness - pure source consciousness. Archons know how to imitate the light, like when they appear as copies of angels or masters.

In the light of consciousness all that comes from darkness (false light) transmutes back to the five elements. This is a great secret of alchemy.

I had a Matrix Unplugging Session with Alyssa yesterday. She explained about the False Light False Ascension Matrix, how it affects me and the purpose of the session. I really valued her explaining it to me in easy to understand words as this is a new way of looking at things for me. I valued Alyssa's open-hearted and non-judgemental support while i completed the self-assessment task. During the imbuement I experienced different sensations, including involuntary body movements and seeing colours as the energies shifted within me and then I fell asleep and woke up feeling very different, like a weight had been lifted. I look forward with anticipation to how things develop for me in the coming months. Thank you Alyssa for doing this important work.

Jo Cox

If you combine the films, The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, and The Truman Show, you have a really good metaphoric definition of what the matrix is on Earth.

J- Seals

The earth has 12 vertical lines or axiatonial vertical energy lines around the globe. The 7 J-Seals were implanted on earth’s axiatonial line 7, which correlates to the left side of the human body.

There are 7 unnatural seals located on the left side of the human body. They are called Jehovian Seals. These seals were created to draw Earth and its inhabitants into a Shadow Earth that will descend. Because humans share an energetic connection with the earth, we inherit these distortions at birth. These distortions affect your genetic structure and your ability to ascend.

J-Seals are also known as “Death Seals”. They are unnatural as is the death that they cause. These seals manifest as degeneration and many physical, mental and emotional problems causing dis-ease in their respective locations. These are called "Death Seals" because if they are not cleared, biological death is inevitable, but biological death is not natural to our Angelic Human DNA template. We are meant to go through a biological transmutation, which is the turning of the body into light, not drop a body and leave it behind. Biological transmutation (ascension) is built into the original Angelic Human DNA template and the J-seals and specifically the Zeta seal prevents this, creating a cycle of death and reincarnation over millions of years.

The 7 J-Seals that require removal are:

• Seal 1 – Top of the skull on the left side
• Seal 2 – Heart, left lung, back left knee
• Seal 3 – Pineal gland
• Seal 4 – Left side of neck and lymphatics
• Seal 5 – Rear left thigh and buttock
• Seal 6 – Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine) hypothalamus, and top of left shoulder
• Seal 7 – Aorta artery on left side of neck

Removing J-seals integrates the feminine and masculine energies, restoring wholeness.

Removing the J-seals has many benefits but most importantly it will synthesise the vital process of the sacred marriage between the feminine and masculine, restoring wholeness and full access your creative life force, increasing your psychic abilities. 

Matrix Unplugging

What are the other Unnatural Seals?

Along with the J-Seals, other distortions or energetic implants are Metatronic Implants, Templar Seal, Templar Axion Seal, Cell Death programs (apoptosis), Crown of Thorns, Zeta Seal, and Tower of Babel Seal.

It is vital to remove these seals before receiving DNA Activations, as they could block full activation of your DNA.

I have spent well over a decade immersed in personal development, self-healing and psychic development, feeling frustrated with the endless cycles of layers upon layers that needed to be released, hitting block after block.

You can not get off this rollercoaster ride of spiritual highs and lows until you are free from these unnatural energetic seals that inhibit conscious expansion.

Removing these seals is liberating and the most powerful healing I have experienced, and I have experienced many! From Life Coaching, EFT, RTT, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Reiki, CBT, NLP.

We inherit these mutations because we incarmate into the earth matrix which directly connects to the planet. As above, so below. 

Knowing all this, it makes sense to me to remove these mutations sooner rather than later. The sooner you free yourself from these, the easier your personal, psychic and spiritual development will be.

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