Love & Relationship Tarot Card Reading

Are you struggling in love?

If you are single and wondering if you will ever meet Mr right or you are in a relationship but feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, insecure, unsure, my love and relationship tarot card reading will help you find clarity, understanding and sovereignty.


During a love and relationship tarot card reading we will gain insight into your current state of being and readiness for receiving true love, your persons state of being and feelings towards you, what needs to be released to achieve a divine union and how to maintain sovereignty within a relationship.

We also delve into the energy of your past relationships to uncover any subconscious thought patterns and protective behaviours developed out of heartache or abuse that you are holding on to which are stopping you from opening up to a new healthy love life. 

And finally, we uncover any unnatural seals, implants or programming that is blocking you from moving forward in love.  

This is for you if you are:

Unhappily single

Looking for love

Attracting emotionally unavailable men

Repeating old patterns in relationships

Struggling to break free from an old flame

Love and relationships can feel like a minefield and it's no surprise when you realise how many different unnatural implants and programmes are running to interrupt true love and divine unions on this planet. 

When we find our twin flame or create a divine union, we raise the vibration of the planet and human consciousness. That is how powerful true love is! 

But finding a soul mate, twin flame or divine union is not so easy in a world where we are conditioned to believe love hurts, love is pain and heartache, abuse and control are love, co-dependency is love. All these beliefs result in attracting unhealthy relationships, emotionally unavailable men and a lack of self-love.

I had a tarot reading today with Alyssa on my fairly new romantic relationship. I was really impressed with her accuracy relating to the character of my partner when she has never met him. A very positive experience and I left with some good advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for some spiritual guidance from a warm approachable lady, thanks again Alyssa.

Holly Barnett

Empower your love life!