Unlock your heart

Transcend to a higher state of self love, self acceptance and self trust. Fully loving yourself is the first step to creating healthy, balanced and respectful relationships with others. A deep confidence in who you are lays the foundation for deep connections, authentic love and unbounded passion. 

Most of us have experienced hurt in past relationships. The sorrow of betrayal, the trauma of abuse, the pain of loss. The memories are pushed from our minds but etched in our hearts reappearing any time we feel vulnerable. 

Subconsciouly and energetically we protect ourselves from any possible pain and push others away, even if that isn't what we intend to do.

This can block us from finding the loving relationship we so truly deserve.

Heart Alchemy

Release past heartache and open your heart to receiving new profound love

A heart alchemy healing session releases memories held from past relationships that are impacting your feelings and thoughts which stop you from fully opening up to recieve true love. 

Resentment, grief, sadness and anger are held in the heart.

The heart percieves first then sends a signal to your brain which creates a story. This story becomes a belief hardwired into your body and mind.