Emerald Ascension Healing £111

A powerful healing session channelled from the 7th dimension through the Green Ray.  

Healing through 33 chakras in my Ascension Healing Chakra System channelled from my spirit guides Chief White Hawk. 

Through your ascension healing chakra system, you can gently release past experiences, childhood conditioning and human programming.

Emerald Ascension Healing

A higher frequency healing session working with:

2 Ascended Masters

1 Archangel Raphael

1 Goddess

The Emerald Flame

The Green Ray

The Ascension Chakra System

Emerald Ascension Healing

High frequency healing session with Alyssa


High Frequency Healing Session

My personal experience with Emerald Ascension Healing...

My life changed instantly when I began working with emerald ascension healing. My vibration raised, I felt really good in myself and deeply connected to my reality, being more present in my daily life and with my children. 

Amazingly, I began manifesting instantly. Literally when I wanted something from my kitchen cupboard but it wasn't there, when I looked again to choose something else, it was there right at the front! The first time this happened I brushed it off thinking I just overlooked it but after the third time it happened I realised what was happpening. It blew my mind! More things began showing up in my life so easily, just from a thought, even a fleeting thought including money!

My healing abilities deepened and became more powerful, personally and with my clients.

I had amazing spiritual experiences such as my face transforming into my nans, grandads and my guides faces after a self- healing session. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes!!