2019 is setting the foundation for the next 20 years

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I love Kelley Rosano, she is an upbeat, positive Astrologer who I follow on YouTube.
According to her research, astrologically 2019 is setting the foundation for the next 20 year cycle of your life!
I'm no astrologer but apparently, this has to do with the Saturn and Pluto conjunction and when Jupiter enters Saturn.
So, there are much larger things happening, and it is very exciting!
It means you are at the beginning of something new, a new path, a new life, a new direction.
What better time than NOW, for you to nurture your dream?!
Create the life that YOU want, that's aligned with your true self and build the business of your dreams.
Make this year, and the next 20 years, the best years of your life, by being your authentic self and walking your personal spiritual path as a healer.

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