Not following your dream because of fear and self-doubt?

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Do you dream of becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner, but fear and self-doubt around becoming self employed and setting up your own business, stop you from following your heart?
It can feel big and scary entering the entrepreneurial world!
Our childhood conditioning, such as the messages we received in school, and other people’s beliefs, maybe those passed down from our parents, can hold us back with our dreams and goals as an adult.
This was my experience!
A derogatory remark from my abusive ex (father to my son) made me realise I was living in fear and holding myself back!
I don’t want any woman to not follow her dreams due to self doubt, so I made a promise to support my students with their mindset alongside sharing their Reiki journey.
I believe the world needs more women entrepreneurs, especially those who bring in healing energy and help raise the vibration of our society and our beautiful planet.

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