How to choose the perfect Reiki Master for you!

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Choose the perfect Reiki Master


If you are new to Reiki, it can be a little confusing when it comes to choosing your Reiki Master Teacher.
As with any partnership in life and business, it is important to find the best match to you.
You will be sharing a personal and spiritual journey together so you need someone who you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust, who you can be open and honest with and feel safe to be vulnerable with as you heal old wounds.
Trust your intuition and find someone you feel a connection with.
It’s also important to think about which kind of Reiki feels right for you. Reiki is Reiki and can be used with people and animals, and by invoking angels, no matter which style of course you take, but if you intend on working with animals and you will be going to places such as a farm, kennels or stables, then an Animal Reiki Master Teacher will provide tailored training, guidance and support for working in these circumstances.
It is best to contact different Reiki Master Teachers and get to know them a little. Connect with them on social media and see if their core values and beliefs are aligned with your own. Build a relationship with them before making your decision.
Ask questions! Find out exactly what the course they provide entails, does it meet your needs? Not just in Reiki but also with mindset support, and support in building a business. 
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