How do I know which Reiki Master is right for me?!

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You've decided you want to train in Reiki, but you don’t know which Reiki Master to choose!
Each Reiki Master is unique.
Each has their own way of teaching and their own beliefs around Reiki. They practice different styles of Reiki such as, Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Animal Reiki.
Some have strict rules about how Reiki should be practised, including timings of attunements but others believe it is a personal journey, and disagree with set timings for attunements.
Some insist their way is the proper traditional way, but others dispute that.
Some insist on registration with regulatory bodies, but others do not agree.
Some include a little business training, others do not include any at all!
With so many differences, how on earth do you know which Reiki Master is right for you!
I found this difficult myself so I want to help you with this. Look out for my next post with my FREE Reiki Master Checklist!
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