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No more hiding


Whatever level of success we are at, we still need to do mindset work!

My biggest limitation was fear of visibility. This kept me small for years!

I literally hid myself by doing all the behind the scenes stuff like, building my website, creating marketing content and courses I never put out there.

I knew I had to clear this fear to grow my business and increase my income.

This meant releasing my childhood conditioning and the effects from past abuse that created this fear and created the belief that I’m not good enough. It developed imposter syndrome. I’d dread that people would see through me. That I would fail, look silly and humiliate myself.

I would actually get physical symptoms. Anxiety and panic causing, uncontrollable shaking, breathlessness and a tightening in my chest. Nausea and headaches.

Using a combination of EFT and Reiki helps me to overcome this fear enough to get myself out there.

No more hiding, it is time to share my uniqueness with the world.

Healing Love 

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