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In my journey to become a Reiki Master Teacher and create my Reiki Business, I realised I also needed to become a business woman and treat my Reiki practice as a business, or it would forever be a "hobby" and I would need to subsidise my income.
From a business course I invested, I learnt that I must show up, have a plan, a marketing strategy and a clear picture of who my ideal paying clients are, and where to find them!
All of this requires self-belief and I had to do some deep mindset work. 
My Reiki training didn't include any business training, many don't. I felt let down. I strongly believe it is my duty to support my students in every area of becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
I fully support my students in their healing journey AND with mindset around money and building a business, and I provide a business plan to get you up and running.
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