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  1. Focus On Your Frequency

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    Focus On Your Frequency

    Do you practice the law of attraction?
    Are you getting poor results?
    Would you like to understand the TRUE fundamentals of how law of attraction works and why it hasn't been working for you?

    There is a lot of information out there regarding law of attraction which is leading people astray and leaving them feeling like law of attraction doesn't work for them.

    The basis of Law of Attraction is "like attracts like".

    This is an energetic attraction which works with the personal energetic vibration that you are operating on, your present state of being, the frequency you are sending out.

    A key factor is that your energetic frequency is determined by your feelings, NOT your thoughts! This is often misunderstood and a major reason why so many people get poor results and give up on using law of attraction.

    Many law of attraction teachings include broad statements such as:
    - Raise your vibration
    - Positivity attracts more positivity
    - Look for the joy

    I struggled for years trying to implement these into my daily life because no-one explained exactly what these mean or how to effectively implement them.

    In just 1 hour I will explain the psychology behind happiness using Hedonic Adaptation and provide you with a strategy to increase your hedonic baseline which will help you live on a higher vibration therefore attracting higher vibrational things to you such as love, joy and money, and manifest more easily.

    Book your Focus On Your Frequency session £99