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  1. Break through limitations!

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    No more hiding


    Whatever level of success we are at, we still need to do mindset work!

    My biggest limitation was fear of visibility. This kept me small for years!

    I literally hid myself by doing all the behind the scenes stuff like, building my website, creating marketing content and courses I never put out there.

    I knew I had to clear this fear to grow my business and increase my income.

    This meant releasing my childhood conditioning and the effects from past abuse that created this fear and created the belief that I’m not good enough. It developed imposter syndrome. I’d dread that people would see through me. That I would fail, look silly and humiliate myself.

    I would actually get physical symptoms. Anxiety and panic causing, uncontrollable shaking, breathlessness and a tightening in my chest. Nausea and headaches.

    Using a combination of EFT and Reiki helps me to overcome this fear enough to get myself out there.

    No more hiding, it is time to share my uniqueness with the world.

    Healing Love 

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  2. The H.A.R approach

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    H.A.R Strategy

    Introducing the H.A.R approach - Heal, Align, Receive
    This is my unique framework that will help you to stay on track in your business by leading you through:
    1) healing and releasing your limitations
    2) aligning with your core beliefs and desires
    3) implement rituals (strategies)
    to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams!

    No more holding yourself back due to self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fear of visibility or imposter syndrome.
    Shine your light beatiful soul.
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  3. Reiki Business Training

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    In my journey to become a Reiki Master Teacher and create my Reiki Business, I realised I also needed to become a business woman and treat my Reiki practice as a business, or it would forever be a "hobby" and I would need to subsidise my income.
    From a business course I invested, I learnt that I must show up, have a plan, a marketing strategy and a clear picture of who my ideal paying clients are, and where to find them!
    All of this requires self-belief and I had to do some deep mindset work. 
    My Reiki training didn't include any business training, many don't. I felt let down. I strongly believe it is my duty to support my students in every area of becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
    I fully support my students in their healing journey AND with mindset around money and building a business, and I provide a business plan to get you up and running.
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  4. Embrace your divine power

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    When I hold a healing session, I don't simply channel Reiki and send you on your way!

    I believe it is important to help you to understand your own energetic system. I want to empower you to understand and master your energetic health and wellbeing, and not have to rely on someone else to do this for you!
    By the time you decide to go to a Reiki Practitioner, you have been out of energetic alignment for a while, which has impacted on you, and your life, in many ways. Health, wellbeing, energy levels, mindset, abundance!
    Everyone has an innate ability to heal and everyone can be attuned to Reiki to deepen your healing ability.
    It is my soul mission to empower women to embrace their divine power!
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  5. My Reiki Story

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    My Reiki journey began on 8th January 2014. This was a huge transformational year for me as I moved on from an abusive relationship. A single mum to 3 boys, I was determined to follow my dream of becoming a qualified healer.
    Receiving my Level 1 attunement at this time, deepened the healing process I was going through by clearing my energy system, on all levels, from the years of abuse I had experienced.
    Tuning into the gentle energy of Reiki to self-heal was the first time in my life that I truly embraced self-care!
    In March 2014 I received my Level 2 attunement. This was truly empowering, and I was so excited to become a professional Reiki Practitioner, albeit rather nervous about building a business and sharing Reiki with “real people” having only self-healed and shared Reiki with my kids so far.
    I couldn’t really believe that I would be paid for doing something so wonderful as sharing this beautiful energy. This isn’t work!
    Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in October 2014 felt like an amazing achievement. By this point, I had grown so much on a soul level, I was not the same person who began this journey at the beginning of the year!
    My Reiki journey deepened my psychic abilities and intuition as well as my ability to channel healing energy. I learnt to set healthy boundaries and that I am worthy to receive. My consciousness expanded and ability to manifest hastened. I developed more belief in myself and my abilities.
    Reiki has been a deeply spiritual journey that has enhanced my life on all levels.
    I feel blessed to be able to share this beautiful energy with other women and be part of their journey of spiritual healing and ascension.
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