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  1. Our true self can get buried along the journey of life, pushed down by all the experiences that taught us to fit in or to meet someone else's expectations. These led us to modify our behaviour, our thoughts, our beliefs, seeking acceptance.


    This is not how we are meant to be. We are a unique shard of light source energy, here to share our uniqueness with the world. Never change who you are to be accepted by another, your vibration attracts your soul tribe, be you and attract others who will love you for being you!

    Rediscovering who we truly are, what beliefs do belong to us and what our unique abilities are, is an important step in your spiritual healing and psychic development journey.

    If you miss this step out, you will limit your potential.

  2. New Guide

    We all have a team of spirit guides waiting in the wings to support us on a specific part of our journey as a human being and our spiritual growth during this incarnation.
    Through different stages we have a different main guide who will work with us during that time.
    It is a beautiful moment when a new guide steps forward, affirming you are ready for the next part of your journey.
    Remember, your journey is an experience not a destination. Embrace it, enjoy it, appreciate it.
    I walk alongside you on your spiritual path.


  3. Did you know...
    Emotional Freedom Technique, affectionately known as tapping, is a form of counselling intervention within the field of Energy Psychology.
    EFT draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming and energy healing.
    Find out more about EFT here.
  4. Rise with Reiki


    Too many Reiki healers fail to create a successful Reiki business through lack of support, poor business guidance and limiting mindset.
    Don't let this be you!!
    My online mastermind covers:
    Reiki 1, 2 & 3 attunements (in person or distantly)
    My Ignite business bootcamp
    Masterclasses including:
    • Releasing blocks such as childhood conditioning and past abuse that caused limiting beliefs, self-doubt and self-sabotage
    •Money mindset and Law of Attraction
    •Marketing strategy
    Pop up Facebook support group
    Q&A calls
    Deep dive calls to provide more in-depth support with your Reiki journey and Reiki business
    Rise with Reiki is a 2 year course. You can start earning after 3 months once you are attuned to level 2 Reiki. Level 1 is self healing.
    You can fast track over 1 year and start earning within 1 month.
    Your financial investment is:
    £2376 pay in full
    £99 month for 24 months
    £198 month for 12 months

    I am offering a limited number of  places for £999 paid in full before the end of March, so you could grab one of these!
    This is a massive saving, let me give some perspective on this... If you took your Reiki attunements paying individually,
    Reiki 1 £150
    Reiki 2 £275
    Reiki 3 £395
    so that means you are receiving all my intensive support, Masterclasses and calls for £179! An absolute bargain!!
    I want you to truly transform your life by growing spiritually and creating the life you desire.
    We are spiritual beings, here to have a human experience, so let’s make that an amazing experience!
    I’d love to share your Reiki journey with you.
    Invest in your success today!
    Buy Now or arrange a FREE consultation call
    Healing Love
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  5. Focus On Your Frequency

    Do you practice the law of attraction?
    Are you getting poor results?
    Would you like to understand the TRUE fundamentals of how law of attraction works and why it hasn't been working for you?

    There is a lot of information out there regarding law of attraction which is leading people astray and leaving them feeling like law of attraction doesn't work for them.

    The basis of Law of Attraction is "like attracts like".

    This is an energetic attraction which works with the personal energetic vibration that you are operating on, your present state of being, the frequency you are sending out.

    A key factor is that your energetic frequency is determined by your feelings, NOT your thoughts! This is often misunderstood and a major reason why so many people get poor results and give up on using law of attraction.

    Many law of attraction teachings include broad statements such as:
    - Raise your vibration
    - Positivity attracts more positivity
    - Look for the joy

    I struggled for years trying to implement these into my daily life because no-one explained exactly what these mean or how to effectively implement them.

    In just 1 hour I will explain the psychology behind happiness using Hedonic Adaptation and provide you with a strategy to increase your hedonic baseline which will help you live on a higher vibration therefore attracting higher vibrational things to you such as love, joy and money, and manifest more easily.

    Book your Focus On Your Frequency session £99


  6. Charlotte


    During my time as a Reiki Master Teacher, I have uncovered areas where Reiki training is lacking, even failing students. As a result of my findings I have adapted my training to cover these areas, and by doing so, I have taken my Reiki training to a whole new level of empowerment.
    I want my students to gain as much knowledge, understanding and spiritual growth as possible.
    I teach what is termed "traditional Usui Reiki" but include up to date research explaining how this differs to how Usui actually taught himself, and why we have this version of teaching that was created by his student Mrs Takata.
    I want to change perceptions of energy healing, to bring it away from "it's a gift" or its "hippy dippy" or "woo" so I include a good understanding of the science of energy healing in my teachings, covering scientific concepts that surround energetic healing, bio energetics, wave energy physics and quantum mechanics.
    I teach you how to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur, charging your worth by providing and receiving a high value energetic exchange because the more you receive the more you can give.
    I support my students in their personal healing journey on all levels by combining Reiki, EFT, Life Coaching and Law of Attraction tailored to meet their individual needs.
    I provide intensive business support covering how to set up your Reiki Business, how to create a business plan and a marketing strategy. Also including mindset work around selling to help you feel comfortable charging for your service.
    To build a successful Reiki business you need to:
    Release all blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt and 3D conditioning received through childhood AND adulthood, that will hold you back.
    Self-heal and embody the Reiki energy to become a clear channel.
    Become a spiritual entrepreneur, a business woman who treats her Reiki business as just that, a business!
    Healing Love 
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  7. Its time


    They say time is speeding up, time certainly flies by for me, days, weeks and even years pass by in the blink of an eye!
    (How on earth do I have a 17 year old!)
    Let me tell you something important. You have put off your dream long enough.
    Now is your time, even if you don't quite feel ready, it's time to put your dream first.
    Because you do not want to be in the same position this time next year!
    There will always be excuses not to go for it, time, money, self-doubt, fear.
    Don't worry, I've got you!
    I totally understand this as I have experienced it myself, so I can support you through your doubts.
    Even though it wasn't the perfect circumstances for me to start my Reiki journey and build a business, what I decided was...
    I don't want to have regrets of not going for what I want. 
    Honestly, I encourage everyone else in my life to go for their dreams, my kids, my family, my friends, so why not myself?! I bet you do too!
    Treat yourself like you are your best friend, nurure yourself, nurture your goals, nurture your dreams.
    Create the life you love, NOW.
    Healing Love
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  8. Foundation


    I love Kelley Rosano, she is an upbeat, positive Astrologer who I follow on YouTube.
    According to her research, astrologically 2019 is setting the foundation for the next 20 year cycle of your life!
    I'm no astrologer but apparently, this has to do with the Saturn and Pluto conjunction and when Jupiter enters Saturn.
    So, there are much larger things happening, and it is very exciting!
    It means you are at the beginning of something new, a new path, a new life, a new direction.
    What better time than NOW, for you to nurture your dream?!
    Create the life that YOU want, that's aligned with your true self and build the business of your dreams.
    Make this year, and the next 20 years, the best years of your life, by being your authentic self and walking your personal spiritual path as a healer.
  9. women_entrepreneurs_and_healers
    Do you dream of becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner, but fear and self-doubt around becoming self employed and setting up your own business, stop you from following your heart?
    It can feel big and scary entering the entrepreneurial world!
    Our childhood conditioning, such as the messages we received in school, and other people’s beliefs, maybe those passed down from our parents, can hold us back with our dreams and goals as an adult.
    This was my experience!
    A derogatory remark from my abusive ex (father to my son) made me realise I was living in fear and holding myself back!
    I don’t want any woman to not follow her dreams due to self doubt, so I made a promise to support my students with their mindset alongside sharing their Reiki journey.
    I believe the world needs more women entrepreneurs, especially those who bring in healing energy and help raise the vibration of our society and our beautiful planet.