Ascension Accelerator Facilitator Program

Become empowered and free from old subconscious thought patterns and behaviours and help others to do so too!


Are you a female survivor of narcissistic abuse on your quest for healing and you want to help other women survivors to heal too?

You are free from your abusive relationship but not quite free from the subconcious programming left behind. The echoes of abuse that whisper "I'm not enough". 

Walking your spiritual path you are going through the dark night of the soul where everything that no longer serves you is coming up to be released! It can feel relentless as you peel back the layers and layers of people pleasing, good girl behaviours to uncover your true authentic self. You are a caterpiller during the chrisalis stage getting ready to emerge as an empowered butterfly!

As you heal you begin to recognise patriachal programming in society but you don't know how to fully release it. You are breaking free from sociatal restraints and this can isolate you from family and friends leaving you feeling alone. But you are not alone. You are on a path to finding your soul tribe.

Become empowered and free from old subconscious thought patterns and behaviours and help others to do so too!

You have done so much personal development work, you really have come so far already. You left the abusive relationship, you focused on recovery and healing, now you are interested in psychic development and becoming a more spiritual being.

Whether you have no idea where to begin, have dipped your toe into the spiritual community or been on your spiritual path for a while, I have something to share with you that will leave you questioning everything you have ever known to discover what is true for you and will result in the biggest transformation of your life by embodying your own divine power!

  • If you a female survivor of narcissistic abuse who is still running subconscious thought patterns and behaviours that once served to keep you safe, but are now blocking you from living an empowered and abundant life


  • If you have been on your spiritual path for a long time and spent years healing using different techniques, read every self-help book you can lay your hands on, and even joined a few courses along the way, but you are left wondering when life will become easier


  • If you have are giving your power away by looking outside of yourself for healing, guidance and validation from either a spiritual practice, spiritual teacher or non physical being


Grab your favourite pair of shoes and take your first step on the path to sovereignty! 

This is for you if:

You repeating the same old subconscious thought patterns and behaviours

You keep attracting emotionally unavailable and abusive men

You self-sabotage when things are going well

You have been on your spiritual path for years doing all the work but you are still struggling in life

You are giving your power away

You want to heal yourself and help other women heal too

This is not for you if:

You want to continue looking outside of yourself for guidance and answers

You are not commited to empowering yourself and doing the work

You are not open minded to a new way that will make you question everything you have been taught so far

The healings you receive are:


  • Cord cutting - energetically disconecting from narcisist energy vampires


  • HART Process - change unhealthy, limiting beliefs


  • Emotional Implant Removal - release the 90% of emotions that are unantural implants 


  • Relationships Healing - Reframe the decisions you are making about relationships 


  • Matrix Unplugging Session - including:
  1. 15D Auric Cleanse - clearing your energy system of all non physical beings 
  2. Patriarchal Domination Hive Mind - release belief systems that are designed to make you accept abuse, be subservient to man and submit to an external power
  3. Fear or Hate Thought Forms - release negative thoughts that create chaos, drama and fear
  4. Fear Trauma Memories - release fear trauma memories that have been present from birth
  5. Seed Fear Implants with DNA Distortion - release genetically rooted fears
  6. Sexual Implants - release implants that cause emotional and traumatic issues 

3 x monthly email check in support with the Matrix Unplugging!

The trainings you receive are:


  • Golden Protection Process - creating an energetic containment unit for yourself 


  • Grounding Process - anchoring your energy to the Earth's crystaline grid 


  • Ascension Healing Chakra System


  • Golden Plasma Reclamation Process


  • Trust your intuition


  • What is the Matrix 

All this for just £999

What do you get over the 13 weeks?


  • Welcome introduction, deep dive and goal setting call 


  • Weekly healing/psychic development training


  • Emersion weeks for intergration of techniques and support 


  • Daily techniques to incorporate into your life with ease


  • Direct access to me throughout

This is amazing value!

A saving of over £1000

Clear subconscious thought patterns, end the cycle of destructive behaviours, uncover your true authentic self and embody your divine power!

With many being Empaths, female survivors of narcissistic abuse often venture into nurturing careers. Their own healing journey leads to training in jobs such as a Coach, Healer or Psychic. A common issue that shows up for these amazing, gifted women is struggling to charge for their services. This stems from a deeply held subconscious belief of feeling unworthy. If this is you then you can set yourself free from the past, claim your sovereignty and charge your worth!

Are you ready to transform your life?

If yes book now or if you are still unsure, arrange a discovery call to find out if this is right for you.