Helping women to fully trust their intuition resulting in a deep belief in themselves and their abilities


Hello, I'm Alyssa, founder of the Academy of Alchemy and the Morgan Le Fay Mystery School. I'm an International Spiritual Empowerment Coach.

I am also the creatrix of The Alchemist's Library, a collection of transformation esoteric Grimoires for online self led healing and psychic development.

43 times around the sun, witchy woman, priestess, healer, quantum creator, and home educating single mum to 3 sons. 

I help female survivors of narcissistic abuse, especially single mums, develop their psychic abilities without giving their power away (looking for wisdom, and guidance outside of themselves) by releasing subconscious thought patterns, patriarchal domination programming and false light interference to become sovereign and free through psychic development, spiritual healing and matrix unplugging.

Creating empowered women with a deep belief in themselves and their abilities, and complete trust their own intuition

I'm a home educating, single Mum to 3 amazing Aspie boys and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. My recovery ignited my passion for understanding human behaviour, mindset, healing, personal development, and spiritual development.

Through my work of supporting women in recovery from narcissistic abuse and working with women through their spiritual healing and psychic development journeys, I have noticed similarities that ultimately results in women giving their power away.

As an advocate for recovery and self-empowerment in women, I bring awareness to these similarities, providing early warning signs to look out for, and I share ways to empower your psychic abilities by embodying your higher self and setting firm boundaries in the physical and non-physical realms.  

Just as I do not teach my children, rather I facilitate their learning, I do not consider myself a spiritual teacher. As a Life Coach, I prefer to take more of a coaching role and support women to uncover their own truth and abilities. 

My healing journey and spiritual awakening began after an abusive relationship. During these 20 years I have become aware of many pitfuls that survivors of domestic abuse may fall in whilst walking their spiritual development path. 

Have you noticed how most Spirit Guides are male archetypes?

Have you put your spiritual teacher up on a pedastal? 

Has your spiritual teacher guided you down their path instead of supporting you to find your personal path?

Has your spiritual teacher gaslighted you to stop you from outgrowing them?

Have you relied on a psychic medium to provide you with regular guidance?

The Freedom Programme taught me that abuse can happen in all forms of relationships, sadly this includes relationships between a Spiritual Teacher or Guru and their student so, trust your instincts, believe in yourself and your abilities, set healthy boundaries and never ignore early warning signs! You know what they are, don't dismiss them just because everyone says how spiritual this person is. How many people think your abusive ex is a really nice guy?!!

Break down all the cycles of abuse and victimhood forever! Become fully sovereign and free!

I help women who have experienced abuse to heal their relationship with the divine feminine and masculine energies, restoring wholeness and full access to their creative life force which increases their psychic abilities by healing subconscious thought patterns caused by emotional, mental and physical trauma, removing patriarchal domination-based programming, unnatural seals and implants, and unplugging from the matrix.

I completed the Freedom Programme, twice, and took every recovery course that was on offer. I loved the empowerment this brought women but felt the children didn't have enough support so when I had an opprtunity to train in the DAY Programme I jumped at it, this was the Freedom Programme adapted for childern and taken into schools. I also trained as a life coach and learnt NLP and CBT. My life coach, who supported me through the court proceedings for contact,  used EFT, this had such an incredible impact that I trained in this too! 

With all this self awareness I became more spiritually awakened and began attending a psychic development cirlce. I trained to become a High Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, Higher Realm Reiki Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Abundance Coach, Fairyologyst, Tarot Card Reader, Psychic Medium, Golden Light Facilitabtor and I have channelled my own healing modality called Emerald Ascension Healing. 

I combine all of my skills and experience to support and empower women in healing their personal experiences, uncover their unique soul path and their truth, discover their true soul mission and reveal their unique abilities.

I support women through their ascension process

Based in Malvern, UK, I work with potent women all over the world via zoom video call and Facebook. 

Join my free community The Alchemy Enchantress Creatrix Circle for free healings and psychic development techniques.