Alchemy Alignment

We can choose to rewrite the story of our life at any given moment, each minute that passes provides us with an opportunity to release the past, choose a different path and bring in the new.

There are many times throughout the year that hold more significance with new beginnings like a new moon, equinox or solstice, but none more than a new year.

2020 is not only the beginning of a new year but also a new decade!

Some see this as the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

One thing is for sure, the energies of 2020 make this new year a very powerful time to create an amazing new chapter in your life, so how do you want your story to read?

What do you want to manifest by this time next year?

What do you need to release now to make your story achievable?

If you would like support to become energetically aligned with the 2020 version of you, book an Alchemy Alignment Session to declutter and upgrade your energy field, mindset and belief system.

Be the author of your life.

Plan your success

Do you have a vision board?

How do you feel when you look at it?

Are you totally aligned and open to receiving all that you have put on there? 

If not, you have some work to do but don't worry, I can help you!

To manifest something, anything, you must be aligned with what you want and open to receiving it.


Lets look at this more closely...

Why do you want what you want? Is it really what you want or is it something you feel you should have? Does having it fit with your core values? 


Does the thought of having it leave you feeling uncomfortable? Maybe it brings up feelings of guilt or shame? 


Some common beliefs that stop us from manifesting are:

There's not enough to go around

If I get something I'm stopping someone else from having it

Rich people are not nice

Life is hard

You have to work hard to earn money

Money is the root of all evil

I am not worthy or deserving 

The world is not a safe place

Men can't be trusted


To be open to receive you must spend some time and energy on releasing old beliefs, limiting thought patterns and childhood conditioning. 

Release, transmute and transcend all that is stopping you from your ancestry, DNA, cellular memory and energy field, from this life and other lifetimes.


Bring your vision board to a Alchemy Alignment Session and we will go through each of your goals together, clearing any doubts, fear or guilt held in the depths of your subconscious that will stop you from achieving your goals.

By connecting with you psychically I can scan your energy field for resistence. I also ask our guides what is holding you back and what needs to be released and finally I use powerful life coaching questions and NLP techniques to uncover deeply held beliefs and thought patterns that are sabotaging your attempts to manifest successfully. 

All of what we uncover is then uncreated and transformed using my Emerald Empowerment Method™.

Vision Board Session

Alchemy Alignment Session

Uncreate, transmute and transcend all blocks to achieving your goals and dreams using my Emerald Empowerment Method™


Law of Attraction Course

Alchemy Alignment Course

Learn how to uncreate, transmute and transcend all blocks and resistance to achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams.


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