12 Chakra System

Are you ready to upgrade your energy system?

Want to deepen your healing abilities, increase your psychic abilities and improve your mediumship connection?

Are you eager to raise your vibration, transcend dimensions and communicate with higher dimensional beings such as Ascended Masters?

How about having instant access to the Akashic Records?

All this can be easily achieved by consciously activating your 12 chakra system and transcending into a permanent higher vibrational state of being.

The new main chakra system

If you are still working with the 7 main chakra system it is time for you to upgrade. 

If you are new to chakras, don't worry I've got you! The 7 main chakra system is an integral part of the 12 chakra system so you will be activating these too!

12 Chakra System Activation Meditation

Awaken and align your 12 chakra system on a daily basis with my 12 chakra system diagram & MP3 meditation for only £22